Doors: Wanted to make the building more lively by filling in empty doors, as well as helping label different areas of the building. 
Jersey Wall: Represent each team with a jersey as well as document the advancements in jersey with the recent rebrand. Showcase Illinois' relationship with Nike.
Lobby: Refresh lobby area with updated branding, while creating a unique space to display various Illinois elem
retail Cove: First of two coves in the main entrance of the Ubben building. The goal was to display, again the relationship Illinois has with Nike, but also have an area to use for recruiting purposes. Added an all time stats banner area above the coves. Showing leaders in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and wins. Showing both the past and the present of the Illinois basketball program.
MVP Cove: The second of two coves in was used to display team MVPs from 6 pervious years. We wanted to update all graphics with new branding and increase number of displayed MVPs. Easing the ability to add to this "infographic" and display. 
South entrace: Create eye catching entrance and what better way than a 20 foot shield. Still let in natural lighting for coves and new south lobby.
North Entrance: Main entrance used by my most visitors. Create an simple eye catching image to welcome visitors. 
credit to Mark Morris / Derrick Burson / Brandon Christie and Dean's Graphics with their help on this project
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